TPN intends to expand our pilot network and help us all in future endeavors; to “pay it forward’ as it were.  First and foremost, TPN is a networking group for pilots. With the aviation career field comes the unknown, and a good network is often the difference in sitting on the sidelines or getting into the game. Some of us have the job we want; many of us don’t yet. The Pilot Network gives us the chance to reconnect to old aviation colleagues, seek out new avenues within this great career, or just give a helping hand to those coming up in this vocation. We have grown to over 9,000 members and add more every day! We need to branch out: Facebook is only the beginning of the TPN platform. Stay tuned for big things! Whether you are seasoned veteran with 10,000+ hours or a newbie starting out, the right network can help you find your dream job.

The TPNx Conference is not your standard suit and tie, stand in line and wait for your five minutes of fame, dog and pony show! TPNx a true networking event where we actually talk with one another and meet people who can help us along the aviation journey. Networking events are usually a blast! TPNx is no exception. If you want to have a good time, meet people you can help or that can help you, and want to start bringing the members of our profession closer together…mentor, learn, and party!

We are very careful to keep the membership limited to pilots (as the name suggests) with few exceptions. This is so members know that the information being shared is as accurate as possible and in the proper context. That being said, we know that there are so many people out there that support the process of becoming a professional aviator. With the proper vetting, we welcome anyone who we think can significantly contribute to the TPN mission.

If you think this applies to your situation, please contact us at heyguys@thepilotnetwork.org.

In short, we do not allow advertising to creep into the forums. We feel that this is a distraction to the TPN mission. However, we do believe that focused marketing can help match pilots with  products and services that provide value to aviation.

If you are business or organization that can help TPN members, please contact us about advertising within the group. Posts or solicitations to our membership without prior approval will be removed.

If you would like to become an official TPN Sponsor or Affiliate, please visit the Sponsor page.