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This group intends to expand our pilot network and help us all in future endeavors; to “pay it forward’ as it were. With the aviation career field comes the unknown, and a good network is often the difference in sitting on the sidelines or getting into the game. Some of us have the job we want; many of us don’t yet. The Pilot Network gives us the chance to reconnect to old aviation colleagues, seek out new avenues within this great career, or just give a helping hand to those coming up in this vocation. We have grown to over 30,000 members and add more every day! We need to branch out: Facebook is only the beginning of the TPN platform. Stay tuned for big things! Whether you are seasoned veteran with 10,000 hours or a newbie starting out, the right network can help you find your last job. Thank you and tailwinds!


What we do here


The TPNx Conference is not your standard suit and tie, stand in line and wait for your five minutes of fame, dog and pony show!

TPN Podcast

We interview the experts and talk about questions asked by pilots.

Private Facebook Group

Interact with more than 12,000 pilots. Get your questions answered, help your fellow pilots…pay it forward.


Taking a closer look into questions asked by pilots in article form.


Meet with fellow TPN members at the next TPN event.

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TPN-GO offers a truly native mobile experience, because by definition, pilots are on the “GO”. The premium TPN experience.

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Thanks TPN…love this group! I would never have gotten an interview without it.

TPN has become THE ONLY place when I need my questions answered about this crazy ride…

I couldn’t have gotten hired without TPN…Thanks!