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PIVOT is quickly finding a place in the cockpits of many of the biggest names in aviation. The list of customers is always growing. Check out the summary here to see how PIVOT is being used in some different operations. In 2013, PIVOT stormed onto the scene of EFB with a full deployment to Southwest […]

Aviation Bull

AviationBull is dedicated to spreading news, knowledge, discussion and general interest about aviation. Our main avenue for this is by presenting current events in aviation along with a forum for discussing them. We appreciate your involvement in this effort!

CheckedAndSet is ready to provide you with access to professional insight and advice on how to best represent yourself, your accomplishments, and your ambitions in this very competitive aviation marketplace. Founded by former major airline hiring manager Captain Charlie Venema, we are here for you!


The idea for MilKEEP started when Chris was applying for his ATP. Together, they spent hours staring at a computer screen entering over 3000 of Chris’ military flying hours into a conversion spreadsheet. All the while, repeating: “There has to be a better way!” Lo and behold-now there is!

Planeform USA

PLANEFORM exists to satisfy the need for highly accurate aviation and military-themed art and novelty items. Utilizing modern fabrication methods including CNC plasma-cutting and TIG welding among other metal-crafting techniques, PLANEFORM delivers an exceptional product at an ideal price.


Commercial airlines love hiring military pilots, yet getting hired can be a challenge. With the help of Cockpit to Cockpit, learn how to land a lucrative second career as an airline pilot.


MIL2ATP, Inc. has worked to create a comprehensive airline preparation program for military pilots. We’ve partnered with companies we consider the best in the business – together, we’re proud to offer a streamlined training course to assist in your transition to the airlines.

A Look Ahead At TPN

As we begin to settle into a rhythm with the fourth issue of TPN-Quarterly, I’d like to take a snapshot of where TPN is and more importantly where the network is going. I have three goals here: FIRST GOAL – Allow every member to see the TPN road map so you (the member) can help […]

Probably the most fun I have ever had in an airplane…or a boat!

  By: Matt Swee I think I just had probably the most fun I have ever had in an airplane…or a boat! After earning my private pilot license in high school by working the line at a small FBO, purchasing my first airplane in college (an amazing 1959 Piper Tri-Pacer) and then flying for the […]

Getting Back in the Game

By: Aaron Hagan As I cruise into my 50s, it has been interesting to see where my peers and fellow warriors have gone along the way. I’ve lost a few fellow warriors to disease, a few to accidents, and a few to combat along the way. What is fun, however, is seeing a few of […]

Is the Grass Really Greener?

One of my Cockpit to Cockpit readers sent me an email recently in which he asked me “if the grass is really greener on the other side?” He is still on active duty with about 2.5 years left on his active duty service commitment and he wanted to know if the airline pilot lifestyle is […]

Loyalty and the Divert Option

By: Aaron Hagan One trait of many of us, especially military aviators, is loyalty. That is a good thing, and the tendency of some of us to rapidly take part of our identity from our organization makes many of us attractive to our potential employers. We prided ourselves on being part of a squadron or […]

Military Pilot: Should I Give Up Retirement to Join the Airlines Now?

By: Jason Depew of One of the things that made it frustrating trying to figure out whether to stay in the Air Force or get out was the lack of concrete information about the airline industry. I think we worry about making someone angry by asking directly and we don’t necessarily even know whom […]