Persicaria polymorpha Common name: Great White Fleece Flower; Giant Fleece Flower. Red Leaves Advice Stuffed Peppers Water Plants Water Water Aqua Tips Stuffed Pepper. It quickly develops into a handsome, upright clump. Recommended Companion Plants. These flowering perennials are Deciduous: Cut back stems close to ground level from late February through to the end of March. Talk about taking up space! They are followed by pinkish-red seed heads in late summer. 0. Forms a tall columnar plant, composed of strong stems handsomely clothed in large pointed green leaves, topped, in midsummer with widely branched heads of small creamy-white flowers. White Fleeceflower: USDA Zone: 3-9: Plant number: 1.406.750. Posts about Persicaria polymorpha written by Laidback Gardener. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. Polygonum persicaria is a ANNUAL growing to 0.6 m (2ft). STAY CONNECTED. Quick to spread, it’s ideal for using as ground cover in sun or partial shade, and its blooms are loved by bees. Makes an important statement above lower plants, such as hostas, dicentras, ferns and ajugas. Persicaria longiseta. I absolutely love this plant! Very... Add to Collection. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Great plant for a long distance view Beautiful whenever backlit by the sun. Out of stock. Find help and information on Persicaria polymorpha Giant white fleece flower, including varieties and pruning advice. It makes a great architectural backdrop and feature in the perennial border. Persicaria bistorta ‘Superba’ is a fantastic choice for the mixed ornamental border, where you can plant it and leave it with minimum fuss. Not sure why this monster plant has been renamed as an alpine! Common name(s): Knotweed, Fleece Flower; Family: Polygonaceae; Stem cuttings: yes; Leaf cuttings: no; Root cuttings/runners: yes produces runners; Time: spring to fall but best time to cut is before first flowers are shown. £4.70. Add to basket Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Description. HxS 45x60cm. In June and July, white Astilbe like plumes adorn the plant and the blooms seem to last and last. You may also like… Eupatorium Atropurpureum. View All Our Persicaria - Fleeceflowers. I have had a Persicaria polymorpha in a back corner of my garden for 12 years. Growing in tightly-packed elongated ellipsoidal groups, the tiny flowers of Persicaria maculosa are pale pink, but while in bud they are a much deeper pink. Grown on-site. Persicaria virginiana Variegata is grown for its variegated leaves; Persicaria polymorpha has large pointed leaves and white heads of frothy flowers in May. Persicaria polymorpha 3L, only £10.99 from Coolings Garden Centres. Lance-shaped dark green leaves. Within a few seasons, Persicaria polymorpha will reach 5′, maybe 6′ tall and form imposing clumps, increasing in width each season to 6′ or more. Persicaria glabra. HxS 2mx1m. Many are suitable in a mixed container or border, others naturalized in a woodland or meadow. The Persicaria genus includes annuals, perennials and sub-shrubs. Rock knotweed. Out of stock Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Description. Persicaria microcephala ‘Red Dragon’ is tolerant of a range of soils and will happily grow in sun or partial shade. Plants of the genus are known commonly as knotweeds: 436 or smartweeds. For Cutting Yes. Plants (9) Borders & combis (1) Facing. Persicaria from Burncoose Nurseries Varieties of Persicaria available to buy include the following: PERSICARIA affinis ,PERSICARIA affinis 'Darjeeling Red' ,PERSICARIA alpina ,PERSICARIA amplexicaul ... Plants by mail order since 1984, over 4100 plants online today! Persicaria polymorpha Giant white fleece flower Care Plant Varieties & Pruning Advice. My Burncoose. Along with baptisia, one of first plants to gain height in spring annual cosmos or cleome until it fills in Grows an inch and a half a day to 80 inches tall Blooms July onward. Persicaria campanulata 'Southcombe White' Lesser knotweed. Persicaria. bearing large creamy white feathery plumes is now … It forms a big, bushy mound of large green leaves, in mid-summer bursting into bloom with masses of white flowers held in tapering, fluffy spikes. £6.70. Many are tidy clump formers and not the thugs that many imagine the whole family to be. Light shade (6) Sun (8) Special conditions . STAY CONNECTED. In particular types of P. amplexicaulis are very good for naturalistic style gardening. Deciduous - linear to narrowly lance-shaped leaves to 15cm (6in) long on stalks 1cm (½in) longWhite - creamy white Persicaria polymorpha Synonym(s): Persicaria alpina Common Name: 'Giant white fleece flower' This wonderful large, tough, clump-forming perennial produces plumes of creamy-white flowers for much of the summer and well into autumn, on strong stems with pointed leaves.