50. Fruits are large, late, round, and have an attractive golden russetted skin. This pear tree produces fruit that has brownish-green skin. Mature height: 10ft-16ft after 10 years OHxF 97 rootstock Let me know when this item is back in stock. Sweet, firm and juicy, it has an excellent storage and shelf life, keeping in a refrigerator all winter. 300-400 hours. large, crisp, sweet tasting, is why the overall rating is 5 stars. ASIAN PEARS: KOREAN GIANT x ANY ASIAN PEAR All other Asian Pears we carry are considered self-fertile and will produce fruit on their own, though all benefit from a nearby pollination partner. The medium to large fruit has excellent, rich, sweet flavor. This is the the best-flavored of all the Asian pears! Extreme care is taken while growing these pears; the outcome is a clean, blemish-free fruit. Additional Information About Korean Giant Asian Pear Pyrus Pyrifolia 'Korean Giant' is a moderate growing tree and fruit bearing plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4A through 9B. Olympic is slightly more winter hardy than most other Asian pears. Ripens mid to late Oct. The tree is vigorous and upright. Large 1-year bare-root tree $35.75. All pears are grafted onto semi-dwarf rootstock, OHxF97. Super-hardy trees begin to bear in their third year. Extra juicy, too. PEAR POLLINATION CHART 18528 Aurora Ave N * Shoreline, WA 98133 * (206) 546-4851 * www.skynursery.com Pears need to cross-pollinate with another pear variety for good fruit set, and both must be in bloom at the same time. European pears can be self-fertile, but unless noted below, it is recommended that customers have at least two different pear trees to pollinate one another. Consistently rated the best-tasting Asian pear at Dave Wilson Nursery fruit tastings. Asian Varieties. Tweet. CANNOT SHIP TO CA. About Korean Giant Asian Pear Pyrus Pyrifolia 'Korean Giant' is a moderate growing tree and fruit bearing plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4A through 9B. all my fruit trees are dwarf, and I try to keep them at an height of approximately 7-8 feet tall so they are easy to maintain without using a latter per say. The flavor of the Shinko Asian is rich and sweet. Reportedly, this pear's bloom period overlaps with Bartlett, and the two make compatible pollinizers. Large, juicy, sweet, flavorful, refreshing, crisp like an apple. Pears from this Asian Pear tree are shaped more like an apple than a pear. Round and crisp as an apple, but juicy and flavorful as a ripe pear, our Imperial Asian Pears have become an enormously popular variety! They store well, and will last for several months when refrigerated. (450 Chill Hours) Price List … Olympic: Variously known as A-Ri-Rang, Korean Giant, or Olympic Giant and is a new variety developed in Korea. Sweet, Crisp and Juicy Asian Pears It's a specialty fruit that you probably won't find in your supermarket: The Shinseiki Asian Pear Tree is one-of-a-kind...which means you've likely never tasted a pear quite like this. Don Bae) Asian pear 2 years ago. Large Korean Asian Pear Tree $ 34.95 Also known as Korean Giant or Olympic, Large Korean Asian Pear is a unique, high quality variety often produces fruit as large as a grapefruit. The Shinko Asian pear tree is also called an apple pear. Olympic has the longest storage life of the Asian pears [BOX sale "Haitai" grated pear juice "can" 238mlX12 this Korean food, Korean food, Korean grated drink, Korean pear, grated pear-pear ... (KOREAN GIANT) ASIAN PEAR TREE - 2 Year Old 4/5 Feet Tall. Asian pears have been cultivated in Japan for over 3,000 years The first Asian pear to make its way to the United States arrived in Flushing, New York in 1820 Asian Pears made their way west with Chinese and Japanese immigrants in the 1850s California Tropical is committed to growing the highest-quality, widest selection of Asian fruit varieties, in both quantity and size/maturity range. Korean Giant Asian Pear Also called Dan Bae or Olympic, Korean Giant is a vigorous winter hardy tree that produces at a young age and bears a heavy crop of large, round ol... View full details They are listed alphabetically for quick and easy reference. A FINAL WORD ABOUT PEARS AND PEAR ROOTSTOCK. Rating Content; Neutral: On Aug 14, 2009, DawgDrvr from Rochester, WA (Zone 7b) wrote: I purchased an 'Olympic' (a.k.a. Shinko pear tree is the most fire blight resistant of the Asian pear trees for sale. Recommended for ORGANIC GROWING. Asian pears are susceptible to fire blight. Olympic (Korean giant) The last to ripen and largest of the Asian pears, prized for size, flavor, and storage. It is an early season, russet type with a round globular shape and yellow to brownish-yellow skin, heavily russeted. $59.50 $ 59. It matures to an average height of 12 feet to 20 feet and an average width of 8 feet to 15 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. Unlike Western pears, Korean Pears are round and large in size. It matures to an average height of 12 feet to 20 feet and an average width of 8 feet to 15 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. For better fruiting, plant two or more different selections. All of our pear trees are FIELD-GROWN for high-quality and have excellent, robust, natural root systems. Sugar content usually 12 brix or higher but more tart in the North. Below is a list of our Asian pear variety offerings. Asian pears are known by many names, including Japanese pear, Korean pear, and apple pear. Widely adapted, hardy and disease resistant asian pear varieties. Brownish-orange russeted skin. Fruit is round and covered with heavy brown russet, flesh is crisp, juicy, and sweet. If you would like to view our Asian pear varieties listed in order of ripening please use the Maturity Chart link provided on the right. Most Asian pears require another pear (Asian or European) for good pollination. Korean Giant Asian Pear - Pyrus pyrifolia; Korean Giant pear is also known as Olympic. The Olympic giant asian pear tree (Pyrus serotina hybrid) is a compact tree, only reaching 16-18 feet tall and 12 feet wide. This Asian pear tree needs to be planted with a second pear … A very large and late ripening, dark brown russet fruit of very good quality. It’s quite cold tolerant for a pear tree, they can withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees. Ripens … Korean Giant asian pear trees for sale. https://www.tytyga.com/Korean-Giant-Pear-p/frupear-z-korean.htm Hold their flavor for up to 6 months in storage. Shinko is a brownish-green pear that ripens mid-August through mid-September but stores well through January. Perhaps the best storage Asian pear. Would be excellent for juicing. The semi-dwarf height makes it easy to pick the large, sweet pears right in your own backyard. Asian Pears For The Backyard Orchard. Melissa’s Korean Pears are crunchy, juicy and sweet. Uses: Excellent fresh eating pear. Also called Korean Giant and goes by a few other names. Excellent for dehydrating. Sweet and crisp, Olympic Giant pears are extra large—often weighing a pound or more! They are sweet and juicy, taste like a pear because they are a pear, but are hard and crunchy like an apple. Remind me Cancel. Fill in the form below and we will notify you when Korean Giant asian pear trees is back in stock. Good storing pear ; Ripens mid to late October ; No Sprays required; A no-spray pear! Pollenized by Shinko, Chojuro, Bartlett, or 20th Century. The skin of the pear has a light, brownish-yellow tint while the inner flesh is white. Their unique texture and explosion of taste make them a sell-out every year, so order them while you can! 4.2 out of 5 stars 10. Clearly a four-star variety, this round, large heavily russetted brown Asian pear has a crisp, juicy sweet taste. I have seven (7), Asian pear trees; and the hardy giant Asian pear is on of my favorites. Sugar content usually 12 brix or higher but more tart in the North. Harvest early to mid-August in Central CA. Korean Giant Pear - (Pyrus pyrifolia 'Korean Giant') Fruit Trees Other Common Names: Asian Pear, Japanese Pear, Dan Bae, Olympic Giant, Large Korean Family: Rosaceae Genus: Pyrus Species: pyrifolia Cultivar: 'Korean Giant' Save Print Email.