Has Your Surveyor Missed Japanese Knotweed? RICS suggest that a Japanese knotweed survey is required. A population of over 4,000 people per square kilometre is buoyed by visitors and shoppers, high footfall helping to spread the weed, which can regrow from clippings as small as 2mm. Overview ... we can arrange for an initial inspection of your site to confirm presence/absence of invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed. Japanese Knotweed Specialists are renowned within the industry as one of the UK’s leading contractors in the removal, treatment and control of Japanese Knotweed. Densely populated and with a reputation for leisure and industry, Birmingham and the West Midlands are at particular risk from knotweed infestations. For more details call 0800 1337 444. Any damage to outbuildings, paths and fences is only minor. Providing a tailor-made approach to tackling Japanese Knotweed – beginning with an initial site survey followed by a site survey report, expert analysis, monitoring, and a professional treatment program. Japanese knotweed has been spotted within the boundaries of the property but it is more than 7 metres from the habitable space. Based near Birmingham, Midlands, SMART brings together a skilled workforce to kill or remove Japanese Knotweed. Japanese Knotweed Specialists are here to offer friendly advice on practical and cost-effective solutions to effectively remove any Knotweed infestations. So far all Japanese knotweed plants recorded in the UK are female and all male plants have been shown to be hybrids. Achieving: We offer a complete package to the highest standard, built around your specific needs. We were requested to survey a site for Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham. Japanese knotweed has been spotted within 7 metres of a habitable space at the property. Experience in construction, land, remediation and environmental improvement – not to forget a highly successful background in low cost Japanese Knotweed Removal / Eradication and Invasive Weeds Management – from Manchester and Birmingham to Newport and Cardiff. By Paolo Martini on 25th November 2019 (updated: 30th April 2020) in News. Suspected Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham Japanese Knotweed in Birmingham. Through a complete surveying, excavation and eradication service, The LK Group was able to deliver a holistic service to Birmingham City Council that not only dealt with the Japanese knotweed that had been identified on the main site but also identified and eradicated the infestation on an adjacent site, that would have otherwise continued to spread. We are pleased to offer our Japanese Knotweed solutions and other invasive weed removals nationwide to … The client was sure he had Japanese Knotweed not only growing in his garden but in the adjacent garden. As PCA Invasive Weed Control Group accredited contractors Knotweed Eradication can undertake domestic Japanese knotweed surveys as part of a mortgage application or property purchase. A survey will provide a formal Japanese knotweed identification, an accurate record of where the knotweed is located, the extent of the risk zones and remedial feasibility study. Once we arrived at the address in Birmingham we surveyed the site for Japanese Knotweed. In this section. Reviewing: Continually reviewing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of our treatment methods and processes. Japanese Knotweed Spread and Survey . Site investigation and surveys. tel: 0333 456 7070 mob: 07950 259 905: Introduction In the UK Japanese knotweed has not yet been recorded as producing viable seeds, however, hybrid crosses can produce viable seed. Despite Japanese knotweed having made a significant impact on the property industry in the last decade, there are still cases where surveyors miss this invasive plant whilst conducting mortgage evaluations, HomeBuyer Reports and RICS Building Surveys. Super-bugs from the Far East called up to fight Japanese knotweed invasion in Birmingham ... Site Surveys start from £180.