For this is the time of Revelation. May every one of the plans of your enemies against you go down the drain, and may they generally be put to disgrace, for you are a blessed one. So in the event that you experience difficulty flying, I will dependably impart mine to you. May you generally be encompassed by family and companions that adoration and value you. If you work hard and if you have a moral that is positive, you will surely achieve success in your life my dear one. Continuously be certain and never be negative about anything that you do. And also do not forget to smile my dear. 273. 120. Now you must look out into the world with clear and objective eyes. 127) Trust God, trust his timing, his methods, his ways because a divine shift is coming your way. Many people around the world are beginning to see the evidence of this great danger, but many people are still asleep, dreaming of their own personal fulfillment, unaware and inattentive to the Great Waves of change that are already washing over the world. You have been honored with so much love and satisfaction. I’m so glad I was honored with a child as amazing as you. You simply need to assume that I’ll be there when you require me. 5. This has called a New Message from God into the world, for only a New Message from God can contain such a Blessing. 239. You will not see that without the Blessing, humanity will enter a period of prolonged decline, with grave and immensely difficult circumstances. Just be honest and be a hard worker. Rejoice, for this is often the day that God created Please grasp that I’m very proud to become a section of your extraordinary journey in life. May God bless you my dear one. Spread the word of God and you will definitely find more peace in your mind and soul my dear one. It is a portal that opens to good. Volume 1 > God Has Spoken Again > Chapter 8, About the Process of Translation of the Revelation, The Worldwide Community of the New Message from God, Steps to Knowledge: Continuation Training, Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume 2, Living at a Time of Revelation – A New Revelation, Anniversary of Receiving ‘Protecting the Message and the Messenger’. There will be no comfort and consolation there. For you are emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life, where all whom you may encounter and all who watch you now will consider you people of the world. May God favor you, my dear companion. 242. 269. As said by T. B. Joshua - "What you wish to others, God wishes to you." Wonderful Birthday to you. Still remember, I’m generally here, not so close but rather never that far. If all the people of the world are kind then definitely, the world shall become a better place. I’m glad to the point that I have a child who isn’t just enchanting yet flawlessness too. If you are happy, people around you will be happy, if you are in sadness, you spread sadness. It is only the Blessing that will give you the pathway through the uncertain and difficult times ahead. That is the conundrum. The bigger the dreams, the harder you should work my dear. Give each day a chance to be an adoration you can feel. Best Birthday to you. May God favor you my dear one. May God bless you and be with you. Give each day a chance to be motivation to live. What you are hearing in this audio recording is the voice of the Angelic Assembly speaking through the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. 265. Sending bless you sms is shows your nature and character. Have a favored birthday, my hero dad. 278. Since God made life in reality lovely. While there is a wide range of approaches to pass on your sentiments, the best messages make them thing in like manner, they indicate him exactly the amount he intends to you. Today is your birthday! There is no luxury in remaining ignorant and foolish in the face of the Great Waves of change. On this day of yours, grasp God’s hand and get energized for he has a ton of incredible things prepared of you and in the years to come. Always stay happy and always stay positive my dear. It’s your confidence that will make you remain solid yet it’s your birthday celebrations that make you old. 184. I adore you! It is because if you are negative, nothing will seem right but if you are always positive, then everything will seem just perfect and fine at the time. Continuously love your family, dependable love your companions and dependably administer to your well-wishers my dear one. Continuously endeavor to grin notwithstanding when times may not appear to be correct my dear. The Angels watch over the world. May God bless you always. I always want you to achieve what you want in life and I shall always be here for you whenever you are in need of any sort of help. Be kind, be gentle and always be yourself. It is on the grounds that in the event that you are negative, nothing will appear to be ideal except for on the off chance that you are constantly positive, at that point everything will appear to be simply immaculate and fine at the time. 231. On your birthday, dear sister, I wish that you will have all the joy that your heart can hold, every one of the grins that birthday events can bring, and every one of the favors that this life can offer. 115. Continuously grin and dependably attempt to remain extremely exceptionally cheerful my dear one. May God always showers blessing on you with good health and joy and happiness to full extent. 116. You will not be able to understand it intellectually, but you can feel it and know that it is genuine. If your dreams are big, then you need to work hard. I trust that you will dependably remain hopeful on the grounds that on the off chance that you remain positive, at that point your general surroundings will be sure my dear one. May God of paradise shower you a great deal of endowments and chances to fill your heart with joy a really satisfying one. Thank You God Messages For Everything 1: My Heavenly Father, I want to thank you so much for all that you have done for me. May the great Lord keep on showering you with joy, favorable luck, flourishing and great wellbeing all the times of your life, happy birthday my hero! Most joyful birthday, love. May God bless you and your family. 221. 111. Happy New Year! 112. This is a time calling for human unity and human power and human wisdom to come to the fore. May God bless you my dear one. In this remarkable process, the Voice of Revelation is speaking anew. I know life is now and again coldblooded, yet that is for what reason I’m here, to demonstrate to you that life can be great when some person cares. I wish that every one of the wants of your heart will work out as expected. We will include one more flame your birthday cake today, yet God will add numerous more endowments to your life. No part of this document may be reproduced by any means without the express written permission of The Society. God walks with you everyday, guiding you and supporting you. Thanks for coming back to our lives, extraordinary birthday to my sweetest and cutest cousin brother. It provides for far more than you have learned to ask for. Blessing, a word that is often misunderstood by many of us, a word that most of us tend to seek throughout our lives without even realizing that each and every moment that we have lived, and are living, is full of countless blessings. Have an astounding day, my affection. Today I ask God to bless you with every kind of joy on your birthday and always. You will be frightened and uncertain in their shadow, but their reality will also ignite a spiritual power within you, and this spiritual power will come forth because of the Calling, because of the Blessing. I am undecided if it’s very your birthday or if you simply like to sneeze tons as a result of God has blessed you with most extraordinary life. May God bless you, dear. 192. May the Almighty go-ahead to include more long periods of satisfaction and good health in your life. On your birthday, I supplicate that you will discover joy in each progression that you go up against your trip through life, may Allah favor you bounteously on your uncommon day. May God bless you my dear one. You should simply to confront a mirror and see a more wonderful making of God. Merry Christmas! May you find the strength to destroy all of your evils. He will definitely bless those who need His help and His love. Being appreciative is tied in with demonstrating appreciation and being thankful for whatever you have. On this day, Dad, may God control each and every progression you take throughout everyday life and lead you to goals that fill your heart with bliss and satisfaction? New Year Blessing Messages are in use from ages and many people send in these messages on new year day especially to bless the younger ones in the family to have a great and prosperous year ahead. Always stay happy and always smile more every single day my dear. Make sure that you are doing everything and putting your heart and energy into what is best for you. 183. All God’s blessings on your birthday today. Today has its own guarantee of affection, pardoning, bliss and achievement. Always stay happy and always stay positive my dear. God understands humanity’s predicament even if humanity cannot recognize it itself. May God still shower you with such a big amount of blessings for you really need to be happy. For you did not come all the way into this world with the assistance of the Angelic Host simply to be a consumer here—simply to build a nest for yourself, simply to enrich yourself and to struggle with others for this enrichment. Preach God in every good and positive task that you plan to do. Always smile and always be brave and courageous my dear one. May God bless you my dear one. 108. 289. Always stay happy and always stay positive my dear. Stay fit and fine. As your siblings, we ask that you will grow up to be thoughtful, canny, solid, and brave. 290. They will learn to love God and not fear. May God bless you, my dear. You can simply look for the solace in the glow of your friends and family and you can recollect forget God and request His kind love and the majority of His approval my dear one. And also do not forget to smile my dear. 241. Yet, I’d rather be your moon, so I can sparkle on you amid your breaking point when your sun isn’t anywhere near. I hope that you are fine and I hope that you are happy with everything that you have achieved in life, my dear. So have faith and leave the rest to God. Upbeat birthday, sweet love. My dear innocent one, no one can escape the eyes of God because God is everywhere, even within us in our souls and our spirits. Whatever you do, do it with trustworthiness, with truthfulness, with a heart loaded with assurance and dependably keep yourself roused on the grounds that that is the way to progress. It is a journey. 182. You have the power to compete with each other, as you have always competed, to drive humanity into this great state of decline. Therefore, receive the Blessing. Wonderful Birthday to you. May God bless you my dear one. This is the time when humanity is given a great gift, a great gift to give it purpose and direction facing the difficult and uncertain times ahead. Best Birthday! May God favor you my dear one. That you will be fine, ensured and have the quality to adapt to every one of the weights and worry of the day. Ensure that you removed the wrapping paper and luxurious on what’s inside. It is a calling from God and a response from God’s Creation—a response within people, a response within you. 93. As you praise this day, may God keep on pouring out His elegance and blessing upon you and keep you healthy. And also do not forget to smile my dear. However conjointly each day to celebrate a good gift from God. I know you will overcome everything, you … If you dream big, you will definitely need to work extra hard for your dreams to come to life. Don’t be afraid of moving forward. God favor. 198. If you cannot feel the great need, you will not recognize the Blessing. And do not think that you can find peace and equanimity by trying to overlook the great times in which you live. May God bless you with all his glorious blessings. Through the years, as you proceed along with your journey in life, could you still strengthen lives and produce glory to our God. I trust that you discovered my uplifting instant messages supportive and you can light up multi day by utilizing them. Enjoy your extraordinary day and may God favor you with such a large number of more years to come and an incredible life to live ahead. I cherish you. May God favor you with all his transcendent endowments. I wish that you will grow up realizing that you are a lovely formation of God. If you liked our suggestions then please do write to us in the comment section. You will just have a splendid and effective future in the event that you put in enough diligent work and enough assurance to accomplish and satisfy your fantasies my dear. I wish that you will dependably be honored with great wellbeing and solace. 121. And I consider it a new beginning. And also do not forget to smile my dear. May God be with you. In the event that you missed the excellent dawn God made toward the beginning of today, it’s alright. In the face of this great threshold, your governments will not have an answer. 235. May God always bless you. Always stay happy and always stay positive my dear. May your extraordinary day be loaded with huge amounts of cake and shows? They help them to improve themselves. On your birthday, my wish is for God to continue to pour out his blessings into your life and to the people you love. For if you enter this great time, this great threshold and this time of Revelation blind and self-obsessed, you will not be able to see, to know and to prepare. Keep in mind that we are on the whole unique in Allah’s sight. Dad is the ones that take all the trouble for you in your life. 6. All rights reserved. May you live longer and experience success in life. May you generally discover peace, valor, quality, and satisfaction when you require it. And you are here at the time of Revelation. Always be kind and gentle and have a kind heart, always remember to spread kindness and teach others to be kind always.