MIL2ATP, Inc. has worked to create a comprehensive airline preparation program for military pilots. We’ve partnered with companies we consider the best in the business – together, we’re proud to offer a streamlined training course to assist in your transition to the airlines. The course will include the CTP, ATP training and check ride, written prep and test, airline application review, pilot interview prep and pilot network membership.

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Understanding the new ATP-CTP requirements

A quick background on the regulation change: The new FAA airline pilot training rules were implemented to meet the requirements of the Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010. The act was passed in response to the 2009 crash of Colgan Airlines Flight 3407 in New York, which killed 49 people. The new requirements took effect August 1, 2014; anyone who completed the ATP written test after that date must meet the new requirements to earn an ATP certificate.

The new regulation requires that an applicant must complete the ATP Certification Training Program (or ATP-CTP) prior to taking the written test and check ride. The rest of the process is essentially the same. Some basic details:

  • All CTP courses must be approved by the FAA; the approved courses are listed at Most CTP programs require no preparation or pre-study. The CTP completion certificate does not expire. The CTP is a pre-req to take the written; however, the CTP does NOT prepare you for the written. (If you use Sheppard Air, which we highly recommend, allow about 2 weeks to complete the test preparation for the written.)
  • For those who complete the CTP, the knowledge test expires after 60 months (5 years); for situations which allow you to take the check ride with an expired knowledge test taken after 31 July 2014, see §61.39(b). The written is a pre-req for taking the ATP practical.
  • The ATP certificate (i.e. your new FAA pilot certificate) never expires and does not have to be renewed. ATP practical prep can be accomplished at any flight school which provides the training.

Many regional airlines are now providing the training for your ATP. No majors are providing the training after hiring.

A common planning error is considering the FAA requirements as the hurdle to clear before applying for the airlines. It is one of the hurdles, but it is not the most time consuming. The FAA requirements – the CTP, written and ATP – can be accomplished in a month or two, but you will need to spend several additional months on your application and interview preparation. Most airline pilots would recommend allowing a year from the day you start preparations until the day you hit submit on your application.

If you have any questions on the process, we’re more than happy to assist! Please contact us at / 919-526-4ATP