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ATP Written Extension, SFAR 100-2

If you are a military pilot who took the written before 31 Jul 2014, and were recently outside the U.S. on military duty, you may qualify for an extension on your written based on Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) No. 100-2. Those who qualify for an extension fall into two categories.

1) If you returned from outside the U.S. within six months of your written expiring, you have six months from your return date to take the practical. Example: If your written expired in July 2016, and you returned in March 2016, you have 6 calendar months from your return to take your practical, so you must take your check ride by 30 Sep 2016. If you returned in April 2016, you have until 31 Oct 2016, etc.

2) If you were outside the U.S. on the day your written expired, you have six months from the month you returned stateside to complete your practical.  Example: If your written expired 31 July 2016 and you were overseas on that day and you returned in September 2016, you have until 31 Mar 2017 to complete your practical.

Being outside the U.S. includes any military orders (PCS, TDY, deployment) and there is no minimum length. For those deployed on a ship, outside the U.S. includes anytime you’re outside U.S. territorial waters.

We worked with the FAA’s Airmen Certification Branch to create an approved form memo that can be included with your application if you are using the extension; the memo is not required but will hopefully smooth the way and avoid having your application kicked back. The form memos are attached.

If you are planning to use the extension, contact your examiner and Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) before your training to ensure they do not have any questions or concerns about using the extension. We have heard of some examiners and FSDOs saying “no” to extensions. On 1 Aug 2016, the FAA sent a memo to all FSDOs clarifying that SFAR 100-2 can be used by military pilots who took the written before 1 August 2014, so there should be less uncertainty about the process at the FSDO level.

If you have a question about a non-standard situation, feel free to contact us! / 919-526-4ATP