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American Video Interview – October 2016

I received my invitation 3 days ago. I was really nervous about taking the video interview but I prepared by talking to some friends that have taken it as well as reviewing info from ECIC. Basically the gouge is correct, asked the question twice (except questions one and two), had 1 minute to formulate my response then 3 minutes to answer. Unfortunately the city was mowing along the street when I took my interview and they cut the cable to my house, this added extra stress. I did receive an email though that said that an error had occurred and it allowed me to start over again. Here are the questions:

1) They brief an approach and you must copy it down and read it back.
ILS 33L at Northern Corner airport/ 1 Apr 2016/ Loc 111.3/ FAC 329/ Approach verification altitude 1500/ Decision Height 216/TDZE 14/ Missed approach climb to 2000 then a climbing right turn to 3000 to FSH and track outbound on 040 radial to CHWDA intersection and hold/ MSA 30NM from FSH is 2800 to SW and 2300 elsewhere/ Visibility required is 1800 RVR/ 33L has an ALSF II with PAPI on the right/ Radar Required/ VGSI not coincident.

2)They give 7 hazards and you have to come up with the top 3 and why. Im not sure there is a definite right or wrong here

  • Helo traffic in immediate vicinity
  • Mixed GA, Commercial and cargo aircraft operating in the area
  • Terrain to the west
  • Intersecting parallel runways with hot spots on the ground
  • Fog
  • Birds in vicinity
  • VGSI not Coincident with GS

3) What are the pros/cons of coming to American and how it will affect you
4) Why American Airlines?
5) TMAT when you had to explain a delay or inconvenience to a passenger

The end of the interview said we would hear back in a week or two.