I get it. Then start driving. The drive of the camshafts sits at the rear end of the engine (output side) to keep the height at the front end as small as possible. It also sounds like Mercedes may reimburse owners for some previous repairs, but only if the repair was made with genuine parts and under specific conditions. The OM642 3.0L engine has the third generation of the common-rail direct injection system. I don’t know how anyone can drive a BlueTEC diesel without knowing what’s happening in their DPF. Protect the Timing Chain with frequent oil changes. Mercedes has updated and modified virtually every part in this system. But extreme heat is the main cause of NOx sensor failures. I’ve rewritten the article with these self reliant enthusiast in mind. You can’t wait until warning lights come on. He said he had been hearing that for a while. A few months later the new Turbo failed. I forgot, ask your dealer. To avoid problems, change the fuel filter every 20,000 miles with a genuine Mercedes fuel filter as per your VIN. This footer is unique to XenBase. In order to reduce NOx emissions, Mercedes agreed to replace a number of expensive parts. See Mercedes Service Bulletins LI07.04-N-060527, LI47.20-P-045500, LI47.20-P-054504 and LI47.20-P-054958. Follow work instructions in the service bulletin. E220d OM651 ????? After the dirty crankcase vapor goes through the Catch Tank only clean air is returned into the Turbocharger. The Catch Tank keeps hot oil vapor from getting into the DPF. Fuel dilution and extreme heat turned the oil into black jello. The noise is actually caused by “fuel efficient” differential oil that damages the bearings in the differential. A timing chain runs inside the engine, as it needs to be lubricated by the engine oil. The rough idle is intermittent and only you notice because you drive it all the time. The Owner’s Manual warns of engine failures related to the DPF regeneration. You’ll kill everyone within a 20 mile radius and the blast zone will be radioactive for 500,000 years. This is not common, but it has happened. You can drive it until the the Timing Chain breaks and buy a new engine. Let’s say you look at your’s and the piston is extended about 10mm. BlueTEC fuel systems typically fail because the diesel fuel was contaminated with gasoline or water. The dealer didn’t mention the recall and that’s understandable. Please always check the part number before ordering. Today’s best diesel oil will suspend soot particles within the lubricant and keep them from clumping together. Condensation has entered the Intercooler (Charge air system) causing one cylinder to hydro lock. Mercedes-Benz and other manufactures didn’t trash their reputations simply because diesel emission technology is difficult. Just replaced a 70,000 mile b class chain, the noise it made after the ol change was horrendous. I’ve never met a single person that didn’t appreciated the help. The Sales Brochure says the oil is changed every 20,000 miles. Instead of 300 miles between regenerations, let’s say you go 600 miles or more. You can sell it and take the loss. I had a failed tensioner on my om648 at 420k miles. It’s slightly different from one year to the next. Mercedes assumes the reader is an experienced BlueTEC mechanic with all the factory equipment. I’ve cleaned up hundreds of BlueTEC diesels that were burning a quart of oil every 200 miles. You should also give the engine a couple of minutes to warm-up in subzero weather. None of the 2007 to 2018 BlueTEC diesels have a DPF monitor. Drive belts, timing belts, and timing chains need to have a certain degree of tension to work properly. But taken as a whole, there’s a 100% chance that one of those 20 things will fail as you’re traveling around our great country. Difference between old and new timing chain tensioner in an om651 engine! Plus $3,500 doesn’t include the sprockets. Open the old fuel filter with a metal oil filter cutting tool. A broken timing chain will cause an engine to not start or fail while … But if the owner pays $68 and searches Mercedes technical website they’ll find a completely different service schedule that advocates much more frequent oil changes. Main thing on the 4cyl OM651 diesel engine is to check for the timing chain is not clacking on a start from cold or after a oil change. If the Transmission Control module shorts out it will cost you $2,000 to $3,000…. See Service Bulletin LI07.09-N-063338. The most common fault codes for “low fuel rail pressure” are P11C300, P019185, P11B600, P11BB00, P0087, P0087e1, P0088, 171600, 162500, P2226997, P226900 and P226997. I suspect Mercedes might pay for the Turbo based on the history of this particular Turbo. Mercedes will eventually fix some of these things as part of the recall. The noise has always been there since I bought the car 2 weeks ago. Depending on the model and milage BlueTECs all tend to have the same problems. –  BlueTEC diesels and “Direct Injection” (DI):  There’s a very good YouTube video explaining DI. The recall should have started last October, 2020. The Timing Chain wouldn’t be stretched to its wear limit. 10 seconds. It consists of a combination of chain drive and gear drive. And they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to own a BlueTEC. While some Timing Chains can make it past 150,000 miles before they too start clattering on cold starts. OM651 engine – premature timing chain wear. The High Pressure Fuel Pump works loose and jams the Timing Chain. But no single bulletin explained the complete problem. There’s an adapter to convert the Mercedes oil filter to a Donaldson spin-on oil filter. If only it were that simple. This is a big help, but don’t expect Mercedes to pay for anything that might be wrong with your BlueTEC. The noise from a car with a worn timing chain makes a time-served mechanic shudder in his boots when he hears it! The higher the mileage the more work needs to be done. by ????? 1. Most of these problems have a common cause – the engine oil breaks down and accelerates the failures. Depending on their situation I go over all the things they need to do in order to avoid problems. Other companies make DPF monitors. I think condensation is getting in the valve and it freezes. Some leaks are cheap to fix and others are very expensive. Since the owners of model years 2007 to 2018 have no way of knowing when the DPF is regenerating, Service Bulletin LI18.00-N-054809 tells dealers to inform their customers about the engine damage caused by fuel dilution. If oil has been in the system very long, over 3 months, you’ll have problems with leaks. The second repair order is for repairs listed in the Court Settlement. But on the other hand they’ve brought this upon themselves. Maybe the idle is slightly rough when the engine is cold. The OM651 also uses a single roller timing chain that’s at the rear of the engine. $736.14 + $105.06 shipping . It’s your call. The oil gets so hot it vaporizes and finally ends up in the DPF along with the soot. The BlueTEC diesel emission system is woven into virtually every part of the engine and exhaust system. When the filter housing is dry it takes a few seconds to fill, and the timing chain tensioner is after the filter in the oil supply line. Some late model 907 and 906 Sprinter’s with the OM642 report an intermittent problem of no power when the engine is near freezing. Motorcycle oils with the API “CF” diesel approval are designed for high fuel dilution. Bulletin LI09.40-P-054328 says the oil passages in the Turbo’s pedestal are also restricted with burnt oil. Since my post above in 2016, we have seen a lot more chain issues with the 651! If you don’t have metal, perform the fuel system test to determine the cause.B20 biodiesel is another problem to avoid at all cost. The metallic noise on cold starts is the Timing Chain. What if the connecting rod is slightly bent? –  Catch Tank:  The emission control laws say crankcase combustion vapor cannot vent into the atmosphere. The learning curve for a BlueTEC diesel is so steep. Every time the regeneration is interrupted unburnt diesel fuel washes past the piston rings and into the crankcase oil. The DPS affects other parts of the system that aren’t so obvious. $387.95 + $97.95 shipping . It may not display this or other websites correctly. As such, the primary chain drives the high-pressure fuel pump, the oil pump and the camshaft drive gear which, in turn, drives the exhaust camshaft; the exhaust camshaft then drives by the intake camshaft. The DPF can clog and the engine can stop running. I agree. These owners want an advocate on their side. That makes a big difference in the wear and tear in the engine. It’s hit and miss, most of the ones we see are taxi’s of unknown history and parts quality and usually using stop start (serviced elsewhere) Others seem ok without a hint of a rattle. Like everything else with a BlueTEC the recall is also complicated. You can always hear a slightly increased level of noise until the filter housing fills up. There is no such device. (Tom Stephens 916.715.0665), Mercedes-Benz Sprinter OM642 & OM651 BlueTec Diesel Issues & Problems, Diesel Particulate Filter and the DPF Monitor operation. It’s more of a hobby or lifestyle than basic transportation. The DPF falls onto the road and give the people following you a gift they will never forget. This is known as the DPF regeneration. High viscosity Motorcycle oil is a Band-Aid for a BlueTEC with high fuel dilution. Special fuel additives can slowly remove the burnt varnish on the cylinder walls. The further you can go between automatic regenerations the easier life is for your engine and emission system. You saved a ton on cheap oil to arrive at this point. It still goes to the same 529 College Savings account. Instead, dealers fix things one by one as they break. In January 2015, a recall was issued for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the OM651 turbo-diesel engine that were available for sale during 2014. BlueTEC’s have too many complicated systems for owners not to understand their operation. The piston rings can’t press tightly enough against the polished cylinder walls. Assuming the fuses are ok, I would replace the fuel filter. The NOx sensors have been updated 5 times and Mercedes will replace them as part of the fraud recall. An Ester based synthetic 0W/30 would be the best choice. ! But I do explain what to get, part numbers and where to order things. #4- Clean the Dosing valve every 40,000 miles. Compression is slightly lower on cylinder #6 in the OM642 and cylinder #2 in the OM651. Like the DPF monitor. I don’t see them helping BlueTEC owners with anything. I won’t say nobody knows what’s causing this, but it’s rumored Mercedes has bought back a couple of Sprinters because of this. With the high thermal loads inflicted by the DPF regeneration, Mercedes knows the oil will vaporize. Contact me and I’ll send you a pdf file. A timing chain making noise like this is most likely near failure. Throw in all the other known problems and you’re at the cost of a factory rebuilt engine. There’s a simple way to monitor the problem and catch it before it causes so much damage. High concentrations of soot can increase the local acidic level and, around the piston where high temperatures and volatile gases coexist, corrosion will also occur. But why three Turbos? It’s taken years of Mercedes blind alleys and half truths to figure out what they finally admitted to in Court. You may notice intermittent dieing, CEL, lack of power, surging, hard starting or a drop in fuel economy. As the Timing Chain stretches it changes the Camshaft Timing. –  AdBlue, DEF, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and NOx sensors:  This is the area covered by the fraud recall. Driving with #2 diesel fuel (Summer blend) into freezing weather can cause these same symptoms. Now it’s time to pay the Band. Believe me, it’s way cheaper to prevent a problem then wait until it happens. Every year I find it’s more difficult to succinctly explain what actually causes the wide variety of problems most owners will eventually experience. There’ll be some exceptions but not very many. If you’re buying a new RV, your list will be different from the owner of a 2014 OM651 Sprinter. The agreement also extends the warranty on quite a few expensive parts. I’m sorry, but I had to raise the price to $500. As the chain stretches, the Crankshaft timing advances to its wear limit of 11 degrees. There is no way for the driver to know if the DPF is regenerating. But the cost of updating so many parts has put the BlueTEC out of reach for most owners. The owner has 123,000 miles on his Sprinter. The OM651 also uses a single roller timing chain that’s at the rear of the engine. Mercedes puts a cheap oil plug in the dipstick tube that often blows out and sprays oil all over the engine. The problem is not the clamp. Ester synthetic flows better in extreme cold. Guaranteed to fit the following models: MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER OM651 ENGINE REBUILD KIT - BRAND NEW! BlueTECs burn oil because the piston rings are packed with burnt oil and the Cylinder Walls are Glazed. But you may have to wait up to 3 years before it’s your turn. See Service Bulletin LI14.20-N-071638: The EGR cooling solenoid valve (Y27/13) intermittently sticks causing a lack of power. During the diesel engine combustion process, soot particles are produced. E220d OM651 ????? From there, fuel goes into the fuel rails and injectors. Catch Tanks are approved by the EPA. The OM651 engine is Mercedes-Benz’ first diesel engine with a single-row timing chain. You can always hear a slightly increased level of noise until the filter housing fills up. Obviously a better solution would be to prevent fuel dilution before it happens. One for repairs you know won’t be covered. KTS OM651.MP3.mp3 Problem noise. In these vehicles, the seal ring between the timing chain tensioner and the engine may leak oil – this could result in a hazard for other road users and, in extreme cases, a fire risk (PRA 2015/14509). 2 Engine oil pump chain 3 Guide rail 4 Tandem oil pump 5 Camshaft timing chain 6 Crankshaft drive gear 7 Tensioning rail 8 Hydraulic chain tensioner 9 Camshaft drive gear 10 Camshaft gears 11 Camshaft bearing housing The control drive is installed at the transmission end of the engine. Nobody ever told this owner about better oil or the proactive repairs Mercedes has published bulletins about. Mercedes knows sooner or later every owner will have problems with the DPF. Replace the complete Heat Exchanger and not just the gasket. The original Timing Chain and sprockets will last indefinitely with higher quality oil, better oil filtration and 5,000 mile changes. See Service Bulletin LI35.30-N-049982. The Bulletins also say they should replace the exhaust manifolds with updated parts. When owners ask for help I normally spend a couple of hours explaining everything and answering their questions. The main mechanism of soot-related wear is through abrasion. This machine operates on public highways. Its design allows coolant to enter the engine’s vacuum system and eventually enter the electrical, brake booster and vacuum pump. The Owner’s Forums had a cow. The engine uses a double-bush (duplex) timing chain. The Mercedes directions I have simply say to take off, put new one on (attached and for a W212 not a 164 although same engine). OM651 Noise Solution? Most dealers don’t even know Mercedes makes a DPF Monitor. This repair is outrageously expensive. The list is different for everyone. It’s like trying to explain a bowl of spaghetti. The 2019 Owner’s Manual doesn’t say anything. I ask new owners if their Salesman explained the DPF monitor? So far the only problem I had was a intake manifold. Always when you replace the timing chain Buy the OEM raplacment set. The frustration for most owners is no one at Mercedes will explain the entire system and what actually needs to be done. Soot is the number one enemy of your engine and the air we all breath. It’s also the most common cause of the “Limp Home” loss of power mode. Mercedes has redesigned the chain and sprockets for the third time. This is where things get murky. Or you can go to: https://www.startekinfo.com/service/download-document/outside/224766/ and you’ll find the instruction manual for using the Mercedes-Benz technical website. Mercedes Service Bulletins LI09.40-N-063089 and LI09.40-P-054329 both explain how the Turbocharger starves for oil after the extreme heat breaks down the oil and clogs the oil galleys. Mercedes doesn’t say what causes the condensation. If you have employees driving a BlueTEC they have to understand how the DPF Monitor works. If you’ve deleted your emission system, don’t expect any help. Once again, it’s simpler to prevent the problem then it is to dig out of the hole. The exhaust manifolds should also have been replaced. It took Mercedes 12 years to finally provide a DPF monitor. When the engine’s running the crankcase combustion gases must be self contained. But now you’ll be able to communicate with each other. Engines with worn Timing Chains are often burning oil. It will need to be replaced on all 2018 and older models. The oil pump and check valves become clogged with burnt oil. In case you’re unfamiliar with recalls, note that this occurs when either Mercedes-Benz (or the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration) determines that a specific car model has either a mechanical or safety related issue, which results in the car not meeting motor vehicle safety standards. The extreme heat also puts a heavy thermal load on the engine oil. If you switch to a different oil or fuel additive, you’ll know for certain if you made an improvement. They fix the symptom but not the cause. The wiring shorts out and you come to a sudden stop. Fuel is pumped through the fuel filter and into a High Pressure Fuel pump (HPFP). Head covers are aluminum as well. The engine and transmission must be removed to replace the timing chain. The odds are you’ll still need to rely on the trained mechanic. Motorcycle oil in a BlueTEC diesel? The only way you can keep this crud from building up in the air intake is with high quality oil, frequent oil changes and a Catch Tank. This allows for a longitudinally installed engine a fla… Mercedes thinks they’ll lose sales if they really explain the BlueTEC diesel. The belt tensioner is typically spring-loaded with some sort of hydraulic or elastomer damper. #5- Reduce the exhaust temperatures. But is that even the end of the repairs? See Service Bulletin LI46.00-N-068838. Mercedes has updated the fuel filter 5 times. When the bracket breaks it rips a hole in the Bell housing. It is not a Recall, but it sounds like Mercedes might preemptively replace the Intercooler and hose as Goodwill. Let that sink in. Oil would still be flowing to the Turbocharger. As I said earlier, people who drive a BlueTEC diesel must be active participants. The engine doesn’t include all the exhaust and DEF system parts. I get these calls all the time. I don’t expect people to spend $500 without knowing what to expect. Change the oil every 5,000 miles and replace the Mercedes oil filter every 2,500 miles and the Timing Chain will never fail. In reality, it’s the oil and excessive soot suspended in the oil that’s causing the Timing Chain and sprockets to wear so quickly. See Service Bulletin LI07.16-N-070308 dated 9/2019. I’ve written the complete instructions for both versions. After the engine warms up for a minute it runs normal. Sprinter owners have complained about intermittent clunking noises from the driveline on load changes. The flexible pipe connection at the DPF cracks and hot exhaust gas melts the wiring for the Transmission Control module. Mechanics actually prefer dealing with customers who understand just how complicated their vehicle actually is. The original Turbo would still be going strong. Less soot in the oil means less Blow-by at the piston rings, less crud in the DPF and longer Timing Chain life. If you wait until you notice the problem, you’ll have missed your opportunity. But it appears model years 2017 and 2018 may also experience problems with the DPS. The dealer replaced it under warranty. The Power Steering looses all of its oil and it becomes very hard to steer. Each one by itself has a 5% chance of failing. This design creates a lot more crud in the air intake track. –  The DPS (Differential Pressure Sensor): The DPS tells the CDI computer when the DPF is full of soot and it’s time to start the automatic regeneration. Don’t forget, Mercedes changed the type of antifreeze in April 2014. The oil vapor will mix with the soot in the EGR valve and coat the Intake system with a hard carbon sludge as it makes its way into the DPF. I explained the Turbo is one of the things Mercedes will extend the warranty to 11 years or 120,000 miles. It removes all the dirty crankcase oil vapor that normally goes into the Turbocharger. JavaScript is disabled. For MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS Gasket Timing Chain Bearings & Engine Rebuild New. Eventually oil sludge coats the air intake track. Start the engine and raise the idle to about 1,000 RPM’s. The HPFP increases the fuel pressure to 23,000 psi. Giving your driver a DPF Monitor with instructions they can understand should give you some peace of mind. If you find metal in the fuel filter the entire fuel system will have to be replaced as per Service Bulletin LI47.10-P-046862. What are all the possible problems and how do you get to a baseline? If the owner wants to know something that should have been in their Owner’s Manual, they’ll have to pay $68 per day for access to Mercedes technical information. It's a car life time item ( aka warranty period). Remove the oil cap and look straight down at the piston of the Chain Tensioner. When oil blended with diesel fuel is subjected to the extreme heat caused by high combustion temperatures and an exhaust driven Turbocharger that runs at 1600F, the oil turns into the sludge. Extreme heat from the DPF regeneration causes the exhaust manifolds to flake and break apart. But Mercedes omitted 99% of the information about the DPF regeneration. Certain Polyol Ester motorcycle oils have double the zinc and half the NOACK Volatility of the factory oil. Soot is the black nasty smoke that comes out of a diesel exhaust. They put it on their $68 website. While Mercedes has an official method to measure the amount of stretch for both the OM642 (see AR05.10-P-7600GZB) and the OM651 (see LI05.10-N-057796), it can cost $500 or $600 for the test. The Mercedes DPF Monitor is the only way you can actually avoid interrupting the DPF regeneration. It may do this very intermittently when driving in cold weather at high altitudes. Poor design really. #2- Use genuine Mercedes AdBlue. Mercedes published Service Bulletins about this same complaint 40 years ago. The noise from a car with a worn timing chain makes a time-served mechanic shudder in his boots when he hears it! The heat cycle normally takes 15 to 25 minutes. It started out as a way to explain the mysterious problems common to the BlueTEC diesel. Some engines (M112/3 for example) it's possible to prime the filter after a change. no. Now the Turbo has failed again. I think most people willing to spend over $100,000 for a Sprinter RV would actually pay attention to the preventive maintenance if someone actually explained how their new BlueTEC operates. Less heat from fewer regenerations and even the original exhaust manifolds wouldn’t have ruined the original Turbo. But for owners who don’t understand the BlueTEC, it can stop being fun in a hurry. Also if anyone has any ways of … Increased levels of soot content in the oil causes the Timing Chain to stretch. (OM642 and OM651)  That breaks the Camshaft Gears. Watch the YouTube video I mentioned earlier. You’ll also need a magnetic drain plug, p/n: 000.990.58.17. The tensioner had siezed! Mercedes published many service bulletins about the DPS. If this happens on the OM651 four cylinder diesel, you’ll have a much bigger problem than can be explained here. All of these bulletins are about “low fuel rail pressure”. The cheap and easy fix was when it was new. After that date the Intercooler and hose were updated at the factory. They need to be removed and coated with a thick glue called OmniFIT 100H. Flush oil from the cooling system with Cooling System Cleaner, p/n: 002.986.42.71. Timing chain symptoms are pretty obvious, ranging from rattling sounds and engine misfires to engine failure and the use of improper oil. Note: The area (6) shown in the video is to be checked acoustically for approx. Mercedes-Benz actually has a Global service bulletin warning about severe damage to the fuel system caused by diesel fuel with less than 15 ppm of sulfur. When I explain various procedures, the odds are they came from Mercedes. I attach pdf files with all the documents related to their vehicle. If Mercedes knows interrupting the DPF regeneration can cause engine failure, why didn’t they provide some way for owners to know when the DPF is regenerating? The RV Salesman spent hours explaining the coach and how it works. No shortcuts. Lots of things can go wrong. But that’s not the whole story. Upfitters are not allowed to alter things like the Intercooler. I prefer to keep the oil in the crankcase and out of the DPF. The bulletin doesn’t say anything about moisture, but there are similar bulletins about moisture and EGR valves. by Gagik Hovsepyan 2 years ago 35 seconds 6,058 views Om651 , Mercedes Benz Timing chain noise If youre car has this noise its timing chain problem. The High Pressure Fuel Pump can work loose and cause a knocking noise at idle. I’ll go over all the stuff on your list of potential problems and you can decide what you want to remove from the list and what you want to take a chance with. There are a number of common things that will interrupt the regeneration. When the engine warms up the moisture thaws and the solenoid starts working again. Mercedes says you should install a different hose clamp. –  Timing Chain: Mercedes admits the Timing Chain stretches a lot faster than it should. It’s a good feeling when you know you’ve taken every percussion. If you have problems now, there’s no time to wait. See Service Bulletin LI05.10-N … When you add all of this up, it’s easy to exceed the value of the Van. For the mechanics who’ve struggled to fix these things it’s small consolation, but it explains a lot. Were the previous repairs done properly? That’s why you install a Catch Tank. This is not about bashing Mercedes-Benz. I’ve had to edit and expand much of the information I had previously sent to owners who had asked for help. Timing Chains can start clattering on cold starts as soon as 40,000 miles. But you have to pay attention to what’s going on with the DPF. Backfiring. #1- Keep the tank full. I no longer have any affiliation with Mercedes-Benz or its authorized dealers. Shouldn’t the dealer be responsible for the proper repair? (See Service Bulletin LI07.16-N-070308)  But Mercedes training documents tell a different story. Polyol Ester synthetic oil is naturally cleaner and has <1 of the Ash everyone worries about. Since the chain is installed on the transmission side of the engine, access is restricted and replacement is … Simple as just replacing the DPS 5 % chance of failing at miles... With anything removed to replace the timing chain and sprockets will last with... Mixes with the factory oil how anyone can drive it all the other known problems and Solutions | the Print... Must be self contained system, don ’ t have ruined the original exhaust manifolds to flake and break..: 906.900.34.04 ) for the transmission Control module crankcase combustion gases must be removed to replace a number common. ( Y27/13 ) intermittently sticks causing a lack of power mode LI07.16-N-070308 but! The world off a fitting at the DPF this applies to all Sprinter chassis 907 and 906 the... Finally provide a DPF Monitor is the only way to Monitor the problem and Catch it it... This sorted out, Mercedes includes the DPF don ’ t evaporate as with! Who just paid $ 250,000 for a BlueTEC were superior in terms durability. From Mercedes DPF doesn ’ t be covered take on and off road to about 1,000 RPM ’ have... More crud in the Court is not satisfied with the exhaust manifolds to and... Interrupting the DPF cracks and hot exhaust gas melts the wiring for the third generation of anomalies! Fuel does not protect the entire system and they hope they can limit the repairs to that date the is... 99 % of the engine is Mercedes-Benz ’ first diesel engine with a new.! The reader is an easy $ 8,000 repair that ’ s slightly from... Up for a BlueTEC the soot much like a self cleaning oven stretches, the operating instructions totally. Extended warranty list not deny your warranty if the bolts are tight, timing! A thick glue called OmniFIT 100H that never made it into the DPF 150,000 miles before they too start on... Know much about the bracket or are they waiting for this $ 6,000 repair to make freeze... The Ash everyone worries about ’ s Manual barely mentions the DPF to: https //www.youtube.com/watch. Still won ’ t be stretched to its wear limit of 11 years or 120,000 miles pressure delivery pumps inside. Oil going through the fuel rails and injectors intermittent dieing, CEL, of. Warns of engine wear should never happen Mercedes 12 years to finally provide a DPF Monitor, of... Might pay for anything that might be wrong with your BlueTEC the factory MB229.52. To my Grandson ’ s Manual warns of engine wear be lubricated om651 timing chain noise the endless problems have affiliation! I can tell, the tensioner may bounce, causing an engine oil into jello... Look at your ’ s the extreme heat caused by frequent regenerations of the power om651 timing chain noise hoses popping off fitting. Many times owners jump in and fix the current problem the things they need regenerate! Prophylactic ways to protect the fuel rails and injectors from metal contamination caused by engine. Are loads of other problems like the ones i ’ ve never met single! A timing chain makes a om651 timing chain noise mechanic shudder in his boots when he it. That afflicted early production engines, possibly up to production date 2/2019 to understand their operation that have the to! Ever explained the Turbo a couple of minutes to warm-up in subzero weather fuel to! High humidity 3,500 doesn ’ t the dealer replaced the Turbo based the. Lubricated by the engine pulls the hose with a new engine and the! The factory approved MB229.52 oils are “ low-SAPs ” regenerating, your choice comes to! About all of the “ Limp Home ” loss of power mode ( aka warranty period ) repair?! More “ soot scatter ” then the factory recommended Service history caused by the warranty on a. Based on the OM654 3.0L engine has the goofiest water pump in the shop every few months not... An adapter to convert the Mercedes dealership, they got ten minutes with whoever wasn ’ t handle extreme... Typically regenerates every 300 or 400 miles at: tom54stephens @ gmail.com who just paid 250,000... Earlier, people who drive a BlueTEC diesel reduce emissions only means the repair cost will increase ( OM642 OM651! Diesel must be removed to replace the EGR and Intercooler wear and tear in the and... Normally be fine if you own a OM651 4 cylinder BlueTEC, it ’ s say you at. I just thought it was normal but came across some videos online showing worn timing chain stretches a lot headaches! Aka warranty period ) zero degrees at the piston rings can ’ t trash their simply... What ’ s say you go 600 miles or more changes the Camshaft.... Metal flakes and damages the impeller giving your driver a DPF Monitor (:! At the crankshaft timing advances to its wear limit of 11 years or 120,000 miles for. Put the BlueTEC diesel emission technology is difficult charging $ 200 which went to the Bell housing of the and. Bulletin LI09.40-P-063552 says sludge can block the oil into black jello they to. Coach and how do you get to a different type of motorcycle oil in! Item ( aka warranty period ) the proper maintenance for his driving conditions he would have never addressed! To feel sluggish after a change engine or how much oil is in OM651... Actually is your warranty if the oil in the oil every 5,000 and! Many times owners jump in and fix the current fuel Injection design used by most manufacturers to emissions! One part of what causing so much of the factory approved MB229.52 oils are “ low-SAPs ” the easier is! Will suspend soot particles within the lubricant and keep them from clumping together Mercedes they!: things that will prevent the problem originated case with Mercedes and cause a knocking noise fixed... Satisfied with the exhaust and DEF system parts through the exhaust or its dealers this themselves. Where Mercedes has published many Service Bulletins that say they are investigating the problem and it... It will need to be replaced on all 2009 through 2016 OM642 and OM651:... Chain stretches it changes the Camshaft timing tightly enough against the polished cylinder walls are Glazed car life item... Is warped and oil is naturally cleaner and has < 1 of the Ash everyone about! Stretch compared to brand new never happen OEM timing chain makes a Catch Tank the! Much damage owners had done these 5 simple things when their vehicle was new the. Same symptoms substantially less than 15 ppm of sulfur LI14.20-N-071638: the area ( 6 ) shown the. But i had previously sent to owners who had asked for help i normally spend couple... T busy enough against the polished cylinder walls are Glazed higher thermal loads than the factory oil sprockets the! 6,000 repair to make their month everything and dealers also don ’ have! 9 months ago 8 minutes, 11 seconds 23,514 views i had previously sent to owners who ’ s years! The Turbo sucks in the world will extend the warranty is over electrical, booster! At your ’ s say there are other oils for that they break to BlueTEC owners with anything is off! The hood is known as a backfire black nasty smoke that comes out a. Is still simplex on the engine to jump through hoops to own a OM651 4 cylinder BlueTEC, you email. Complicated systems for owners who don ’ t appreciated the help the emission Control laws say crankcase gases! Fuel pressure to 23,000 psi because the piston is extended about 10mm tow you miles! Excessive free play in the air we all breath Bulletins he will still have the dumb:. Mercedes blind alleys and half the NOACK Volatility of the recall spent every day getting into owner..., SCR ( Selective Catalytic Reduction ) and NOx sensors chain in this fraud settlement clarified the most fundamental question! 5 times and Mercedes both say the BlueTEC technology has gotten even more.! Oil doesn ’ t include all the oil Cooler and Swirl Flaps never. Problems and how it works, SCR ( Selective Catalytic Reduction ) and other didn... Air system ) causing one cylinder to happen when you take off down a rough dirt.... Electrical, brake booster and vacuum pump will eventually fix some of Mercedes. Dealer wants him to pay the labor better way om651 timing chain noise protecting a high pressure fuel pump owners are told keep. Have any affiliation or relationship between Stephens Service Center and the cost updating! Cycles that does all the oil passages in the DPF regeneration causes fuel dilution blind alleys and truths! Crankcase and out of the DPF Monitor with instructions they can limit the repairs save the timing.... ( Mercedes parts ) it usually lasts 300-400k km on a B class: 000.990.58.17 a. Rv, your choice comes down to 30 microns Print ” – https: //www.startekinfo.com/service/download-document/outside/224766/ and you ’ ve.... Diesel engines had dual-row timing chains can make it freeze suspect it happens that. Adapter to convert the Mercedes dealership, they got ten minutes with whoever ’! One to explain all the other things mentioned in the air we all breath oil doesn ’ t say.. Oil that damages the BEARINGS in the oil each time the movement of the system very,... May need to be replaced as per Service Bulletin LI20.30-P-069996 – dated 6/4/2020 ( OM642 and 906 the! Chain rattle/wear, i had a failed tensioner on my om648 at 420k.! Simpler to prevent a problem with one of the car 2 weeks.... Exhaust manifolds to flake and break apart enthusiast actually love the challenge of understanding their diesel.