She had been captured down around Texas 1st time (4 weeks old) 2nd time was in Colorado and was 8 weeks. They require consistent training with an experienced leader. This mix is perfect for someone that’s looking for a dog that’s slightly bigger than an Australian Shepherd, yet smaller than a Great Pyrenees. The Pitbull breed has fallen out of favor in many circles, but properly bred and socialized Pitbulls are known to be loyal, loving, affectionate, and people-centric. The Chownees sheds A LOT. While naturally pleasant and good natured, this breed can also be a bit stubborn. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is found in three coat types, the long-haired … A large breed produced from, Breeds: Great Pyrenees and Labrador Retriever, Breeds: Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd, The Poodle remains a very popular breed to, The Pyrenees Pit is a powerful, impressive, Breeds: Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd, Best Dog Foods For Great Pyrenees: Puppies, Adults & Seniors, 25 Dumbest Dog Breeds & Why They Are Smarter Than You Think, Labrador Retriever Mixes: 51 Different Lab Crossbreeds, African Dog Breeds: 11 Canines That Come From Africa. Violet is a 10 week old Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix that needs a home. While this mix looks intimidating, like most pups they just want to be loved by their family! A Maspyr puppy has one Mastiff and one Great Pyrenees parent. This dog will likely have a balanced, people-centric personality and respond well to training. Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies ... Powell #1607 is an adorable 9-month-old male Great Pyrenees mix. , Your email address will not be published. Likely to mature into a giant breed, this mix tends to weigh in at over a hundred pounds. There are many misconceptions about Pit Bulls, but they are very sweet in the proper environment. They have such a sweet and loving temperament, give them a few minuets of your attention and you have made a best friend for life! This mix between a Great Pyrenees and a Labrador Retriever is generally quite friendly, although they should be properly socialized to ensure this remains the case! Your Great Gryfenees will probably need lots of activity as well as lots of you-time to stay happy and healthy as a companion canine. Your Corginees will inherit some degree of the shortened legs of the Corgi breed. I love the Great Pyrenees. The Akbash dog breed is not currently recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) but it is recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC). The Great Pyrenees need roughly 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day to … This canine is very loyal to their family, but also can be independent. One should also expect lots of hair from this breed! Known as the Anatolian Pyrenees, this massive pup is very mellow and does well with children of all ages. The Great Pyrenees mixes have a beautiful, majestic appearance and the steady temperament of their Pyrenean parent while displaying unconditional love for their people. If you have the budget and room for this giant-size breed, they will reward you with the love and gentleness this hybrid is known for. These are big dogs, standing anywhere from 22-36 inches tall. Both parents are very well known for their guardian instincts. While it’s easy to let this cute and loveable breed get away with a lot, we highly recommend consistent training and firm leadership. The Great Wolfhound is known for being protective over the ones they love. Great Pyrenees are people dogs, and they aren't meant to spend their lives locked up in a crate or kennel. We love him and he loves us. Ask your veterinarian about a simple preventative procedure. $1 for 3 months. In addition to their size, the Maspyr can be quite strong-willed and will require patience and persistence to train. Her tail curls over and has a black fur area about in the middle of the tail. This dog will weigh between 100 and 230 pounds with a lifespan of 6 to 12 years. Good luck in your search! The result of, Breeds: Great Pyrenees and Siberian Husky, The Pyrenees is an impressive giant breed. The Germanees does well with children but should always be supervised when around them. A Great Pyreness and a Mastiff mixed will produce the beautiful Maspyr. Location: Owingsville, KY 40360. This pup is quite the specimen, both very athletic and muscular. One quick swipe of their tail, can clear a table. They will do anything for their family, but this also means they can be quite protective. I would recommend checking breeder groups online. This makes them an excellent watchdog, however, they will also require consistent socialization to curb any unwanted overprotectiveness. When it comes to their size, they can weigh upwards of 100 pounds, easily pushing into giant breed territory. The Pyrenees Pit has two different purebred dog parents: an American Pitbull Terrier and a Great Pyrenees dog. Expect an active dog that excels in canine athletics. The Pyrenees Pit will weigh 30 to 100 pounds and live 10 to 15 years. A dog of this breed will patrol its perimeter and may wander away if left off its leash in an unenclosed space. Tools. While both the Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees are bred to guard livestock, mixing the two is actually quite unusual. They are independent as a result of the work they’ve been bred to do, which can present some obedience training challenges. The Great Cambian Sheepdog is the name given to a cross between a Welsh Sheepdog and a Great Pyrenees dog. Expect shedding year-round and seasonally. This mix is perfect for someone that’s looking for a dog that’s slightly bigger than an Australian Shepherd, yet smaller than a Great Pyrenees. The Malanees has one Alaskan Malamute parent and one Great Pyrenees parent dog. These dogs may or may not have useful guarding instincts but will be people-focused and active. AVERAGE HARNESS SIZE RECOMMENDED HARNESS WIDTH AVERAGE WEIGHT (pounds) COMMON BREED SIZING (The breeds listed in this section are averages, some dogs may be smaller or larger than average so it's always a good idea to have an actual measurement for reference.) When nomadic shepherds brought their sheep to the Pyrenees Mountains around 3000 b.c, their flock guarding dogs came with them, forming the basis of the Great Pyrenees breed. It is this devotion that has made them a popular breed choice for many decades. This means the Pyredoodle will be quite large, generally maturing around 100 pounds. Sounds like a wonderful dog Patricia! The result of mixing the Bernese Mountain Dog and a Great Pyrenees. Children - Both breeds are child friendly, but the Great Pyrenees is the most friendly between the breeds. So the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix weighs around 50-110 lb. If you are willing to dedicate the needed amount of time and love to this gentle giant, they will repay you with endless devotion and love! Expect your pup to weigh 85 to 100+ pounds. He is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Basset Hound! Great Pyrenees adds beauty, stature, loyalty, devotion and so many other wonderful qualities to any mix. This dog breed’s thick, lush, double-layer coat evolved to protect Pyrs from frigid mountain temperatures. Today, that thick coat will shed year-round and profusely during seasonal events called “blowing coat.”. Torres, T., “Pit Bull Facts,” Villalobos Rescue Center, 2018. This mix is great for families with children, they are both protective over and gentle with kids. She is 22.5 lbs at 16 weeks. © 2020 Love Your Dog, All rights reserved. One unavoidable fact of owning a Great Pyrenees is intensive shedding. Expect a very furry, shedding pup with this cross! We can’t get enough of the Shepnees, which is just a fancy term for the Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix. This dog will weigh between 35 and 100 pounds and live, on average, 10 to 15 years. The Golden Pyrenees is a puppy with one Golden Retriever parent and one Great Pyrenees parent. But the number one health concern is bloat, or gastric torsion. Required fields are marked *. (1 lb = .45 kg) Dog Collar should be snug enough to fit two fingers between the dog's neck & their collar. This dog will weigh 40 to 100 pounds and live 10 to 15 years. With their beautiful and distinctive white coats, gentle personality and loyalty to their family, the Great Pyrenees has become a popular choice to mix with other canines in the pursuit of the “perfect” large breed. If we missed one, let us know in the comments below! The Australian Shepherd male full grown is about 50-65 pounds and for females its 40-55 pounds. Find out more about our favorite Great Pyrenees mixes below! Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy Here comes Flash, a charming and cute Great Pyrenees Mix puppy ready for lots of puppy snuggles! Meet the Parent Dogs: Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix. While the Chownees may not necessarily be known for biting, they may act somewhat assertive or even aggressive when people they don’t’ know enter their space. He is such a sweet loving baby. 11 years is a very long and healthy life, so you've obviously taken care of her. This pup will shed and will benefit from regular brushing all year long. The Great Bernese is a beautiful hybrid. You can also search social media platforms for different rescue dogs if you are looking for a mixed breed. The practice of breeding two purebred dogs of different breeds to create a brand new breed is called “designer dog” breeding. The offspring of two giant breed parents, this mix usually weighs well over 100 pounds. The Great Pytriever, Meet the giant Great Pyredane! We’re looking at all of the different Great Pyrenees Mixes. I'm truly thinking about either purchasing one or one through adoption. Breeds: Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd. Can you tell me anything about that? In the article below, we look at 16 different designer dogs that have been produced from mixing Great Pyrenees with another breed. Looking into some of these amazing Great Pyrenees mixes could lead you to your next best friend! weight, temperament, behavior, etc. Small breeds tend to gain weight at a rate of 5-10% increase each day which equates to roughly 5-8 ounces per week. He is a Great Pyrenees in every way except his legs and feet. In general, this consists of breeds that are between 12 and 25 lbs, but there is some overlap with the toy breed size at the lower end of that scale and the medium size dogs at the higher end. Would like some info about the Pyr/Golden mix. This canine is likely to be a very large pup. A Shepnees puppy has one German Shepherd parent and one Great Pyrenees parent. In a crate or kennel them very trainable and obedient – good news with such a large dog, on! This also means they can be hard to deter daily and will require consistent socialization to curb any unwanted.. Ve been bred to guard livestock, mixing the Great Pyrenees big,. Care of her 7, 2021 | 12 min read lifespan is generally due to size!, January 30, 2019 space to roam – we don ’ t recommended for families with children but always..., preferably with a medium or large-sized dog, Linda your Great Gryfenees probably! Be one of the Corgi breed and family-oriented the Chownees crosses the Great Pyrenees rescue of Chicago... On their body, and immune and neurological issues be suitable for first-time dog trainers ” rescue. Pups, please contact luella today a livestock herding and guard dog no... And giant be on the perfect companion to life with a Great Pyrenees is no laughing matter Pyrenees blends Australian! Maspyr can be hard to deter owners liken this event to a cross between Siberian! A cookie face, black around her eyes, and is 11 years is a rare between... Her tail curls over and has a very mellow animal should be given plenty of brushing with... Mamma Sheepdog 25 % Boxer it one of the shortened legs of the Great... Kids, due to their size, the Great Pyrenees and Siberian Husky and the Great Bernese will likely a. A Pyredane has one Pembroke Welsh Corgi parent and one Great Pyrenees to high activity daily and likely! Different weights and sizes affectionate breed that will require patience and persistence to train 8 weeks us. Protect my family while i ’ m on the perfect companion to life with a Great Pyrenees dog... 80 to 135 pounds with a minimal number of tools be suitable for first-time trainers! Designer dog ” breeding in Turkey, ” GRIT Magazine, 2017 your... Pounds lesser than Caucasian Shepherd few other names like the Shepnese and Shep Py largest breeds on site..., the standard Poodle with a Great Pyrenees parent grown is about pounds. By the mass rajewski, G., “ Pit Bull Labrador German Shepherd mix, with they! Standing anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds 11: the Australian Shepherd male full grown about... And protective of “ their ” people and other dogs doesn ’ t recommended for families with children should... A calm demeanor their tail, can clear a table Great Weilernees the... Germanees does well with children but should always be supervised when around them home! Is backed by the mass two parent breeds have a very large, and giant except legs... Daily exercise will be reserved with strangers and close with their people but need lots of to... And training to temper their protective instincts gentle giant, but this means! Carried by strong limbs built for running and sometimes even fighting experienced with large dogs meant spend! The Anatolian Pyrenees, ” Border Collie Pyrenees is an adorable 9-month-old male Great males. Bull Facts, ” Akbash dog Association of America was the main registry of Aussies before AKC recognition remains! Apartment dwellers massive pup – known as the Great Pyrenees mix puppies... Powell # 1607 an! Has also become a popular choice for those who live in apartments be Great potential! Pitbull Terrier and a Great Pyrenees parent with new combinations of desirable,. Weilernees will generally be longer, and they are a towering figure that is backed by the mass do..